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Drop-in drama


Wait, What?


$5 drop-in drama class for children aged between 7-16 years old

No registration fee. No obligation to attend. Just pay-as-you-go.


When I became a parent I had many of which was the price and energy spent on extra curricular activities for children. Soccer, basketball, dance, swimming, tennis; between the cost of these classes, the pressure of attending, and having to rush from one game to another, everyone was simply exhausted. 


Why do we do it?

Apparently it's an affliction know as parent panic; a chronic condition where if you don't expose your child to every activity under the sun, then you are somehow denying them the chance to find their "thing." Then of course, you try and mask your frustration when they tell you after 2 classes, that it really is not their "thing!"

In a world where we are pulled in a million directions, we don't need this added stress. 

Drama has always been a little bit different. An outgoing child at home that loves to put on shows for mom and dad, can also be incredibly shy in public, and oftentimes talent is missed because that shy child is not given an opportunity to try something.

That's all this class is - an opportunity to try something new. To play drama games, interact with new people, and have fun. It's what I did as a kid, and I went on to have a career as a professional actress*.

No pressure to attend. No auditions to qualify. No money lost on missed sessions.

*Please note that I do not guarantee your child will become a movie star. 


So, tell me again...

What is it?

A drop-in drama class for $5

When is it?

Saturday morning

Who should attend?

Children aged between 7-16 yrs. Whether your child enjoys performing, or is simply interested in trying it out, then this is opportunity to have fun, learn skills and gain confidence.

Where is it held?

Sherwood Senior Center

How do I pay?

$5 payment - cash upon arrival

Ugh! I never carry cash...

Feel free to pay online at The Burton Group $5 Drop-in Class

Anything else?

I suggest bringing a water bottle and being dressed in clothes and shoes that are easy to move in.

Parents are welcome to wait outside the room, but to avoid distraction, no parents are permitted in the classroom. If your child is anxious, then you are welcome to come a little early, so I can introduce myself before other children arrive. 

I have zero tolerance for bullying, or any sort of unkindness. Drama is about a level playing field, so rest assured my eagle eyes will be watching. I've been teaching drama for nearly 20 years, and I consider myself firm but fair...with lots of fun in-between. Since I'm English the children will no doubt be sharing their best Harry Potter impressions. Don't be alarmed if they come home thinking I went to school at Hogwarts...

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