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How do you sell yourself while making it all about them? This workshop explores how to turn a presentation into a conversation, adhering to the golden rule of, "so what?" We examine how to tell a story that doesn't leave an audience cold. How to present as a team vs.1:1 introductory meetings, and the differences in etiquette between the two.  During the workshop you'll learn how to craft and deliver a story with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you are not just telling the audience something they don't know, you are sharing something that only you know. 


4-6 hours (depending on # of participants)


Price will vary based on number of participants, class duration, level of experience and location. 

Please email for a personalized quote.

Recommended for:

This is an ideal corporate workshop/retreat program. It puts an element of the individual in everything they share; it encourages authenticity, thus enhancing the risk/reward relationship with the audience. Conference presenters, sales professionals, contractor pitches to owner/developers, keynote speakers and start ups seeking investors would all benefit from this training.

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