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Standalone classes ideal for a power breakfast, lunch 'n' learn, or team retreat!


These 60 minute classes can be tweaked to suit your needs or choose from one of our ready-to-go sessions.


Popular Topics:

Getting over the fear of public speaking - It's a primal instinct to have this anxiety, but it's possible to evolve. Learn techniques that will transform your thinking and ability to speak with confidence and clarity.

It's Not Me, It's You -

Flip the focus and understand the importance of profiling your audience; tailor your message, while remaining true to it. 

Saying Nothing & Speaking Volumes - Learn how non-verbal communication is invaluable in being an effective communicator. Understand and read facial expressions, posture, gestures, touch, physical space, attire


Each one delivers a packed hour of humor, practical information and exercises* that can tailored to your business' needs.


Group size can range from 5-30 people.

* relax - no role play, we promise. 

Pitching Perfectly is a 10 week* program that culminates with participants giving a story slam style presentation.

Learn how to: 

Speak authentically - don't put on your public speaking voice, please. We know you're in there.

Craft the perfect elevator speech - no tacky taglines here

Understand how to sync body language with voice - we promise not to patronize you with a "firm handshake" technique


Overcome anxiety with 3 simple rules - it will NOT include picturing an audience naked, we promise.

It is a highly practical, fun and lively course, and the relaxed environment will empower participants to become more confident in themselves and their own abilities.

*Shorter programs are available

Need a fun workshop with stellar content and impactful delivery? No dull ACME trainers here!

Learn how to connect by going back to the tried and tested method from the dawn of time...Storytelling is communication 101, yet too often it is carelessly crafted and poorly delivered. Stop throwing away your own happy ending. 

Participants will...


  • Discover how content and delivery mean zilch without a connection to your audience - have you ever tried telling a mother-in-law joke to 6 year olds?

  • Learn the 10 ESSENTIAL factors to immediately create a story worth listening to.

  • Know the helpful tools and how to stop using them as crutches - we promise never to say 'Death by PowerPoint'. 

  • Understand the difference between telling them something they don't know and telling them something only you know - nothing incriminating, please.

  • Presenting as a team vs. flying solo - it's more than knowing who will bring the flash drive.

Above all, it is a fun session that is ideal for teambuilding or as part of your company's professional development training sessions.

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