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Paula Burton

Following a decade in London and New York working as a professional actress and drama teacher, I discovered a passion and a talent for coaching public speaking within the corporate world.

The problem was the same wherever I went; I would find incredibly talented and successful professionals, all lacking the skills to speak with confidence and authenticity while addressing an audience. It was as if public speaking was seen as a gift that some people were born with, and the rest had to suffer through.
Determined to stop this pandemic of professional self-sabotage, I committed to sharing all those years of actor training and experience in the corporate world (actors have to temp somewhere), by crafting programs that addressed these needs - audience awareness, verbal/non-verbal communication/vocal clarity. I wanted it to be clear that the anxiety of public speaking can be beaten and so I laid out step-by-step techniques that acknowledged this very real fear and ways to overcome it.
My style? I strive to coach with sincerity and empathy, and I am emphatic in my belief that "one size does not fit all." I'll always tailor sessions to meet the needs of the person/people in the room, and that might even mean switching the focus mid-class. My training is about technique that empowers individuals, to become not only effective communicators, but confident speakers who deliver content with clarity and authenticity.

…oh, and despite all that actor training, there will be no role play or trust exercises. You have my word.


Recent clients include: Nike, ZGF Architects, and the University of Oregon.

"It is over the past decade of witnessing these "incredibly talented professionals, crippled by social anxiety" miss out on career changing opportunities, that has led me to marry these two worlds into a place, a program, an ideal, where I believe that simple steps can make a big difference. It's not magic, it's a method...and one that can be taught."

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