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Adam Campbell

Los Angeles, CA

I can't imagine collaborating with a more talented, hard-working and gifted performer than Paula. Her natural talent has been enriched by exceptional training on both sides of the Atlantic, and despite her many skills and experience, she remains humble, sensitive and encouraging to fellow performers and students alike. Paula has that rare personality that draws others towards her- the definition of a leader. Whilst her quick wit keeps everyone on their toes, she has the enviable skill of disarming and relaxing even the most nervous of students through playful ice-breaking, and even a little self mockery. Paula is an absolute joy to work with. 

Michelle Lee-Hunt

Vancouver, BC

Paula was instrumental in my preparation for a speaking engagement at an international conference geared toward industry professionals. Paula gave me the tools and confidence I needed to succeed, and made the process highly enjoyable, thanks to her positive attitude, keen wit and engaging personality.

Makoto Shibuya

Portland, Oregon

Paula recognizes that everyone's experience and goals are different, and her advice and training addresses the collective while also catering to individuals. Her training is spontaneous, engaging and fun while providing valuable and genuine feedback. She is able to make uncomfortable, well, comfortable.

Rena Simon

Portland, Oregon

There is an ethic, a curation of thought, that Paula helps you understand as a way of working.  This is what I find so unique about her, other than of course her incredible wit.  This ethic carries through into presenting and storytelling, linking what drives you to what you say.  Then once you start talking about what really matters she shows you the physical craft behind using these emotions without them overtaking you.

Edward Kim

New York, NY

Paula's 12 week professional development program at ZGF changed my life. It introduced me to a new way of communication, public speaking and storytelling. As i continue to grow in my career, i think back to the fundamentals of speaking to an audience from Paula's classes, her group exercises, and fun memories.

Man Hui Chan

Portland, Oregon

Paula is a sensitive, mindful, detail-oriented teacher. The perspective she offered really helped broaden my idea of communication and speech.

Jeanne Jameson

Portland, Oregon

Being taught to think of public speaking as the art of story-telling, helped me get over the fear of people watching me, and instead focus on the story. I gained an arsenal of public speaking tools that I am extremely grateful to have moving forward.

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