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Kicking the
Nervous Habit
the 6 Week Program 

I get it. I really do.

I know the panic. The nervous facial twitch. The red rash spreading from your chest to your neck. The sweaty palms where you think of a hundred excuses to avoid shaking hands (oh, I'm just getting over a cold). I know the limited clothing options for fear of the armpit rings giving you away. The panic of holding notes or accepting glass of water because of trembling hands. 

It's paralyzing.

I know the worry of attending certain events in case you are asked to address a group of people. In fact, it doesn't have to be a group...sometimes it can be just one person, just one important person that could alter the trajectory of your career, but you don't trust yourself. So you don't put yourself in that position. In fact, it's the fear of all these things that is most crippling. Many scenarios are only experienced internally but are enough to make you doubt yourself. Self sabotage. 

"Get it together. Get it together." 


I get it. 


I had been performing professionally for many years, before one night I began to tremble onstage. I was holding a cup and saucer and I can still hear the chattering of the china as they rattled against each other. For the first time in my career I was nervous enough onstage that it affected my performance. Why?What had happened to me? I was a trained actress...this was the equivalent of a professional runner breaking a leg.

Until I was reminded that there's a reason actors are asked to audition to get a coveted place at an acting conservatory. We have to be able to act before we arrive; we go to train, to learn the craft and develop technique. So that in the event of a wobble at work, we can pull out the tools our training armed us with, and still give the audience a performance worth seeing. These tools can be taught and not just to actors. It isn't magic, it's a method and one that can be harnessed by every one of us. I learnt how to beat it because I realized I had the tools in my pocket.

However, you don't need to be an actor to conquer this fear. Just human, the same as everyone else. The reason that the fear of public speaking always ranks in the top 5 of every phobia known to man is because it is in our DNA.


It is a primal fear.

Our brain is programmed to recognize that this is the worst tactical position for a person to be in.

Standing alone, in an open place, with no place to hide, without a weapon, facing a large group of creatures staring at you. Our ancestors, realizing that the odds are they are about to be eaten alive, developed a response of fear. Fast forward to today, and without reprogramming, our brain is unable to differentiate between a real threat (a pack of hungry animals) and a perceived threat (an audience waiting for you to present). Understanding this, and then developing awareness when the anxiety starts to build, is the first step to overcoming this fear; repeatedly affirming to yourself, that "this is a false alarm. Nobody is going to die." 

Humans are also incredibly adept at evolving from our primal habits. This is why I can assure you that: this fear that CAN be overcome!

Ready to work together?

If you are serious about kicking this habit then I'm the coach for you. If you think you can knock it out the park with just a little pep talk and a couple of high 5's then I am not the coach for you. 

If you are the sort of person that starts a diet and wonders why you're not 20lbs lighter after one trip to the gym, then this is not the right program for you. 

If you can commit to the program, then I can build your confidence. 

Time to stop wasting opportunities. 

Let's do this. 

Join me on a 6 week intensive program where we stop the self sabotage and get you in front of the world without fear. Imagine this - a day without worry.

A day without hoping other people cancel.

A day you can just enjoy.

Kicking the Nervous Habit

the corporate Program

Kicking The Nervous Habit is a professional development program specifically designed for individuals that struggle with the anxiety of speaking in public. It is a 6 week program that meets for 90 minutes weekly, and we encourage groups of between 2-6. people The course teaches technique to combat the body’s natural fight or flight response when faced with an audience. Throughout the program we will identify personal roadblocks and past experiences that have contributed to this fear. With commitment to the technique, individuals will be armed with the tools to communicate with confidence and clarity by the end of the 6 weeks.

Please contact for pricing and detailed program information. 

Kicking the Nervous Habit

the 1:1 Program 

This is personalized 1:1 coaching for people that are serious about changing their mindset. This program includes: an intensive 1 hour individual coaching session (in-person, virtual or call depending on need) each week (6), followed up with daily exercises, and weekly written feedback on your progress. After our first session you will receive a workbook for you to record your journey throughout the course. This will be for you to document your personal development; you will not be asked to share any of this content. This program may be taught in-person or through an online coaching platform.


We will work together to identify personal roadblocks and with your commitment to the technique and my support you will be commanding a room with presence and authenticity by the end of the program.


Please contact for more information.

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