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pitching perfectly

the 12 class program


Pitching Perfectly is a 12 week professional development program. It culminates in a graduation event where participants give a story slam style presentation to other employees in the office, over a lunch or happy hour gathering.  

The course aims to give participants the tools to not only speak in front of a large group, but also the skillset to be comfortable communicating in a professional setting, be it a client interview, conference meet 'n' greet, cocktail reception, or panel discussion. The first two classes focus heavily on body, voice and breath. We explore our non-verbal ticks, discover our vocal tells, and dig deeper on our own fight or flight reaction in the face of nerves. We then work on our elevator speeches, before seeking to conquer the holy grail of presenting; content, delivery and authenticity.

Sessions run for 90 minutes on either a weekly or bi-weekly schedule, pending the bandwidth of the participants. There are assignments between classes, so it is important that ample time is given between sessions to maximize the impact of the program. Sometimes a week between sessions is not enough time for the individual to arrive fully prepared for the following class, so we push to a bi-weekly schedule. Each class focuses on a different topic and is filled with lively discussion, prepared exercises, and think on your feet activities pertaining to the topic of the week. Classmates hold each other accountable and as a result learn as much from watching each other, as they do from their own development. 

Careful consideration should be made my managers deciding the group makeup. We encourage a diverse group, with varying levels of experience, but one that avoids (where possible) having managers and direct reports in the same group.

It is a highly practical, fun and lively course, and the relaxed environment will empower you to become more confident in yourself and your own abilities.


Twelve 90 minute classes - taught weekly or bi-weekly

Recommended for:

6-8 participants/program

Whether you’re new to public speaking, responsible for leading team presentations, or an entrepreneur looking to sharpen an investor pitch - the course caters to all levels of experience. Individual feedback is given in each class, in addition to a group email following the session, recapping the notes and what each individual should focus on for the following week.


Rates typically start at $1800/individual for the 12 week in-person program. Price varies based on number of participants/location. Please email for a personalized quote. 


This program requires at home preparation as the course evolves.


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